Woman with Guns | Training woman to use an firearm correctly

At the shooting range, the girls learnt the gun lingo, which was very interesting. The shooting range instructor explained three terms which described the state of the shooting range which can be declared as the range is open, the range is closed and the range is hot.

When a state is declared there are certain conditions which need to be met, such as if the range is declared open the guns need to be placed on the table facing forwards towards the targets, the chamber needs to be visible and the gun needs to be inspected by a safety officer and to be declared that it is safe. When the state is declared as the range is closed, under supervision you can load you gun.

Then the state will be declared as the range is hot, this means that fire can commence. The girls had a chance to practice on a variety of firearms, such as hunting and military rifles and of course handguns and revolvers. Ready…. Aim…. Fire!