Woman with Guns | Testimonials

“Shooting a gun for the first time, was very exhilarating. At first I was nervous but my trainer really made me feel calm, as he was very patient and informative. I learnt how to hold, cock and lock the gun and how to handle a gun in the correct and safe manner”

- Jayd Toth

"It was so much fun. Shooting with all the different guns, spending time with our colleagues outside of the office and just the overall experience. But on a more serious note……. It made me feel so safe and empowered that I now decided to put my grandfather's gun on my name and get my gun license. I never gave it any thought, but now that I am a mother, I know I need to get extra protection for me and my family."

- Johannette Ueckermann

"I enjoyed the experience when we went shooting. I enjoyed shooting the different guns, but the shot gun was my favourite. Shooting made me really nervous at first, but as soon as I got used to the feel of the different weapons I was not so nervous any more (although it was still there a little) and started to really enjoy it. Having the firearm in my hands made me feel on top of the world. Knowing that I might be able to carry a weapon with me in the near future to protect myself and my daughter as a single mother makes me feel powerful in its own way. My biggest fear is being hi-jacked or assaulted because I always drive alone, and knowing that I might have a weapon to try and defend myself with makes me feel a bit safer."

- Bianca Steyn

"Having the opportunity to learn how to shoot not only made me feel empowered, but gave me a sense of security. Knowing I can defend myself when needs be, assured me of a better (safer) future. Especially in a country where crime is such a trend! It was truly an invigorating experience. I got to explore a side of me I have never imagined being before, and loved every second of it! I felt stronger, more courageous and as if I can stand up for myself. That’s important, especially when living in SA!"

- Veronique Smit

"I was always scared of a gun but after going shooting I look at a gun in a different way. Now I want one and want to shoot more The instructor was very informative and made everyone feel very comfortable and confident. Especially if you never handled or touched a weapon before. You really learn to shoot and respect a pistol Women would really enjoy having a gun on them once they have gone to a shooting range. It makes you feel a bit more powerful and in control, knowing when the day comes I can defend me and my family"

- Liezel Cambell

"Doing the firearm training was really an eye-opening experience. I left feeling stronger as I now not only know how to handle and control a firearm but I am also able to protect myself should the need ever arise. I have been empowered with a gift of independence."

- Paige Austin