Stand Up Ladies, Empower Yourselves

When you study history, it’s always surprising and somewhat sad to see how, throughout history, women have been seen as inferior to men. In fact, only as recently as 1920 were women allowed to vote in a country as progressive as the United States but, in many parts of the world, women are still treated as second-class citizens. Only now, in modern times, do we see how wrong our predecessors were and we try to remedy their mistakes. Unfortunately, here in South Africa, the repercussions of our predecessors’ mistakes are felt very keenly today.

Of all the countries in the world, South Africa has the highest violent crime rates, especially against women and children. This has a lot to do with our chauvinistic past but also due to a general lack of respect for women. Well, here at Woman with Guns, we hope to change all that. If women can’t get the respect they deserve, they’ll demand it. It would seem that men’s ability to listen seems to impro0ve significantly when there’s a firearm pointed at them. Here, at Woman with Guns, we don’t condone violence, rather we encourage mutual respect but, if deserved respect won’t be given, it should be taken, by force, if necessary. We firmly believe in female empowerment. For far too long now has our mothers, sisters and daughters suffered at the hands of callous criminals. Well, no more. Since no one is planning on empowering us, we will empower ourselves and the way to do that would be to acquire firearms. It’s not a rash decision at all. In fact, it is well thought out. Certainly, the Firearms Control Act of 2000 is a bit of a bother but it does have a very attractive attribute vis-à-vis the requirement of competency. All gun owners have to prove that they’re competent when it comes to maintaining and operating a firearm.

And, here in South Africa, that is the best defence against the criminal and also the quickest road to female empowerment. Most criminals are rather clueless when it comes to understanding and maintaining their firearms. In fact, most of them only knows where the dangerous end is and how to pull the trigger but, as any seasoned gun owner can tell you, there’s a lot more to a firearm than just knowing how to pull the trigger. Undoubtedly, our oh-so-honest government intended the Firearm Control Act to net them more money but it had an effect they didn’t foresee. It enables people, men and women, to empower themselves through the knowledge of firearms. And, you know what they say about knowledge, don’t you?

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