More than just a pretty face...

Whenever us guys walk down the street, we certainly do love to admire a beautiful woman walking by and it seems that South Africa is the perfect place for that, simply because we have some of the most beautiful women in the world. And, while there’s nothing wrong with admiration, you take your life into your own hands when you try to cross the line with one of them. Because, yes; South African ladies are beautiful but they’re also deadly.

A lot of them are packing and I’m not referring to lip-gloss or mascara in their purse. No, I’m referring to the chrome-coloured, 1 kilo weighing Glock 9mm in her purse, a beautiful example of modern-day stopping power. And you don’t want to catch yourself on the wrong end of that gun because, chances are, if she has a gun like that she most likely know how to use it.

Self defence for women | Women with guns

And, don’t think for a moment that, just because she’s a woman, she can’t shoot. If you do think that then you must never have heard of female sharpshooters like Lillian Smith, Florence Hughes, Anney Oakley or Sarah Edmunds. And, let’s not forget the heroic Russian female snipers of World War II like the beautiful Roza Shanina or the famous femme fatale Lyudmila Pavlichenco, hailed as the best sniper of the war with an astonishing 309 kills under her belt.

Yes, a woman carrying a gun is not someone you should mess with and, here in South Africa, you should be extra careful. Simply because our women are targeted by cowardly killers and rapists. Many of them carry guns because they have to. How else are they supposed to stay safe? And we encourage women to carry guns, to learn how to safely maintain and use them so, if the criminal tries to take advantage of her, he’ll soon learn that she is much more than a pretty face.