What if Reeva had a gun the night she was murdered?

The notorious scandal of the culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp has sent shock-waves around the world, especially for families with vulnerable daughters. The question needs to be posed, what would have happened if Reeva had a gun the night she was murdered? What if the gruesome murder could have been prevented?

It isn’t very difficult to imagine that a gun is a major deterrent for a criminal. It has been proven that in many cases, a criminal attacks a vulnerable person with the impression that they are exactly that, vulnerable and unarmed! When a criminal or a potential attacker is faced with a completely different reaction they, just like an unarmed victim, go into shock mode and become fearful.

The allegations behind the mysterious murder of Reeva proclaim many different sides to the story, but what it really boils down to is that Reeva’s life could have been saved should she not have had to hide away for protection. The power of an armed citizen is a lot stronger than what one can imagine.

Self defence for women | Women with guns

Not only will a criminal rightfully get what they deserve, being faced with a bit of their own medicine, but many lives could be saved, many families could be in a better situation to escape or prevent harm to themselves, and most importantly, less families will need to bury the bodies of their loved ones. This clearly shows us that guns CAN save lives! They turn victims into survivors!