Genetic Female Superiority

For far too long now our societies have been dominated by males. And, in many cultures, women are seen as inferior to men. This behaviour and unfounded beliefs can lead to serious problems and this is very evident in South Africa. Our country is one of the most violent in the world. And the biggest problem has to be violence against our women.

Much of this violence may stem from the African belief that women are inferior to men. This misguided belief can turn a womaniser into a perpetrator that targets women, due to his misguided belief that women are inferior to him, for violent crimes such as rape. South Africa has the highest rape rate per capita on the globe and violence against women seems to escalate on a daily basis. In fact, recently there was a news report of a woman assaulted by a burglar in Rietfontein, Pretoria. The woman was assaulted so badly that her entire face had to be rebuilt.

Well, believe what you will but science doesn’t lie. Not only does women stand equally with men in regards to genetics but, in many ways, women are far superior. For instance, it’s been proven that women are smarter, live longer and have a higher pain tolerance than men. For that, and many other reasons, we believe that the best protection for a woman in South Africa is the firearm.

Self defence for women | Women with guns

Now, the gun carries a negative stigma but it’s not the guns that kill but the people pulling the triggers. To own a gun in order to protect yourself is not only the smart thing to do but the most prudent. There are literally hundreds of businesses in SA that deals in firearms and helps to train novices in their use.

These professionals can assist you in not only purchasing a firearm suited to you but also how to use it. By empowering our women and recognising their superiority we, in turn, can liberate our own minds of the shackles of misogyny.