Best Female Shooters

If you believe that no women can handle guns then, either you’ve been living in a cave isolated from society for the past 80 years or you’re just a typical, garden variety misogynist. To say that women can’t handle guns would be a gross misstatement. In fact, some of the best shooters in the world are female. Many of these champions are so skilled that, liked male shooting champions, gun manufacturing companies like Smith & Wesson, Glock and Winchester would actually sponsor these champions, simply because they’re so good at what they do. It is a gross misconception to think that only men can handle firearms and, to emphasize this point, we here at Pro Gun would like to introduce you to 3 of the world’s best female shooters.

Julie Golob

They say big things come in small packages and, if you’re a criminal, you’d better wish that you’re never caught in Julie Golob’s sights. She may be small but, make no mistake, she can easily put you down from as far as 800 meters away. Like many shooting champions, Julie learned to shoot at an early age and honed her skills in the US Army. Today, she is captain of the internationally acclaimed shooting team, team Smith & Wesson and ranked as one of the best shooters in the world.

Jesse Duff

Jesse Duff is recognised as one of the most accomplished female shooters in the world. She is the first female to attain the rank of Grand Master in the USPSA and also captain of the Taurus shooting team. She is skilled in various shooting disciplines namely pistol, rifle, shotgun, action and 3-gun and, like most champions, started shooting at an early age. She is also a national spokesperson for the conservation of sport shooting.

Kay Miculek

With a name like Miculek you, dear reader, can obviously figure out where Kay got her shooting skills from. Yes, this is the daughter of famous, world champion shooter, Jerry Miculek and, like her father, Kay is ranked as one of the best shooters in the world. Since an early age Kay accompanied her father to competitions and obviously picked up his skill. Today, she is well versed in most shooting disciplines and runs shooting camps for women sponsored by Smith & Wesson.

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So, as you can see, gender is definitely not a factor when it comes to expert shooting. In fact, if one studies the world of female sport shooting, one quickly realises that these champions could easily outperform their male counterparts. Here at Pro Gun it does our hearts good to see these ladies in action and we strive to encourage our country’s women to follow in their example.